The first item in my log is the lawsuit filed against me by Integrity Property Management in Coral Springs, Florida in Oct 2012. After you read the rest of my log, you can see that this lawsuit was frivolous with the intent to shut me up for only telling the truth. Do you really think this company has INTEGRITY and do you really want them working for you? I have whited-out the names, email addresses, condominium full name, phone numbers, and other information that I feel should not be revealed on the web. I marked or made comments on the most relevant parts of the linked documents. None of the words have been modified as Cynthia Whittle would like you to believe. I KNOW AFTER READING THIS, I WOULD NEVER HIRE THEM OR I WOULD FIRE THEM ON PRINCIPLE... LIKE DO THEY HAVE ANY PRINCIPLES?

  1. Oct, 9, 2012: Abbreviated version of the lawsuit. There was not much in it. Truth is the absolute defense. STATUS: October 29, 2013: Due to the litigation costs, the insurance carrier wants to settle. Whittle has agreed to be paid off, and I will not have to sign anything that will restrict my freedom of honest, responsible speech or remove any of my online postings! Now does that sound like libel to you? I hope the nominal amount they get is just 5 PENNIES, but that's even way too much for them. Actually, they should be paying for my insurance carrier's attorney fees and costs. There doesn't seem to be too much justice in this world, huh? November 1, 2013: I asked the carrier and Whittle's attorney that if it is not too late, I like to defend my own case and if the settlement can be decreased. So far, no response. Why should anyone reward people for bad behavior? If you like the entire lawsuit, please email me and I will send it to you. Florida should implement a tougher anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) legislation like California so then these kinds of lawsuits will be more scarce. Please sign my petition for a better law!
  2. Aug 17, 2012: Nov 2011/Jan 2012 meeting minutes forwarded to me. I just moved in around that time so I did not attend those meetings. The minutes stated the decision made regarding the contract with Comcast. Whittle was present in both meetings.
  3. March 24, 2012: First legal threat from Whittle. I wrote an email to the board telling them what I heard about Whittle from a board president of a different Association regarding unpaid bills. My board president forwarded my email to Whittle and that was Whittle's response. I just ignored his email.
  4. May 30, 2012: My open forum email to the board and to Mike Whittle regarding missing 2012 Comcast statements after my visit to Integrity.
  5. May 31, 2012: May 2012 board meeting minutes Whittle’s defense regarding Comcast contract.
  6. June 15, 2012: Notice of intent to sue email from Whittle. A nasty, stupid but funny email I received after the board President forwarded my email to Whittle, which stated why we should fire him. The reasons were he said he didn't have any 2012 cable statements and he was getting them all along and his lack of customer service. (Oh, I do know more than you, Mike. I was covered by board insurance.)
  7. June 18, 2012: Lago Default email from Comcast Representative after I asked for proof to send to the Board. Below are just some examples. I have a total of 6 (Dec-May 2012) statements and 3 certified letters.
    1. Certified letter mailed to Integrity in February 2012
    2. Certified letter mailed to Integrity in May 2012
    3. February 2012 Comcast statement
    4. May 2012 Comcast statement
  8. Aug 27, 2012: Another nasty email from Whittle to the Board and me. I complained about Integrity ignoring my phone call regarding my roof leak.
  9. Aug 29, 2012: Termination letter from Whittle to the board talking about me. We should have terminated him instead, but it dragged on for months. I always wondered why someone on our board just didn't want to get rid of him. Hmmm.... Also, weird how Whittle never mentioned my name in his letter. Could it be that I might have a hard time proving libel since he never referenced me? Another hmmm?
  10. Sept 5, 2012: Email from Cynthia Whittle, the owner of Integrity and Mike's mother. She responded to my email to her clients after I forwarded her son's emails to them. I felt the clients have a right to know what kind of business they are running. If I were his mother, I would have said "Son, it's a no-no to intimidate and talk down to your clients. They pay you. Since you're not interested in this type of job, find something else to do. You're hurting my business. Mama can't always bail you out."
  11. Sept 10, 2012: Stalking-harassment email from Whittle and my response. Ohhh, his threat gave me a bit of the jitters! Wouldn't you get them too if you got that email?
  12. Sept 12, 2012: Received a letter from his condo attorney, Matt Zifrony. Talked to Mr. Zifrony for some time on the phone. He says that he was instructed to use whatever means to drag it in court and to make expensive for me.. I think his sentence was "to spare no expense...". I told Zifrony that Whittle needs to hire a civil attorney and not a condo one since the civil one might know better. But I guess not.. it sure looks they have money to waste on attorneys instead of paying for what is more important.. our bills that Whittle should have cancelled. You know all they should have done was apologize, pay our neglected bills, and then say bye, bye. But no, they dragged this process out, refused to admit responsibility and through it all, tried to make my life miserable especially with the frivolous lawsuit.

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